Monday, April 25, 2011

Mom Runs

"Laundry, grocery store...don't forget cupcake mix…make the cupcakes…and an appointment with the doctor..." This is the list that typically goes through my mind during the first mile of my morning runs. I go through my to-do list, decide the order in which I will get everything done, and formulate a plan. Then, my mind can be cleared for thinking...about absolutely nothing except for my breathing, the song on my ipod, or the beautiful spring morning before me.

It's no wonder running is growing so popular amongst my mommy friends. It gives us time and space to just be, without being needed or beckoned to play another round of Candyland (although I do love the way it makes my kids so happy for me to sit down on the floor and let it all hang out with them.) But, running time is different. It allows time to focus on nothing, so that we can later focus on everything. It burns off nervous or tense energy, so that we can be more present in the tasks of the day.

Those morning runs are so renewing, and last just long enough to be reminded of every precious and wonderful thing that awaits us when we walk in the door at home and hear, "Mom, come wipe me!" There's no place like home.

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